Capt. Steve is Tonga’s leading skipper with 8 consecutive years of catching the most billfish each season and holding over 100 current National and Club line class records together with 32 All Tackle Records.

Fishing is a passion for Steve and you need to be prepared for 10 hours a day on the water. Steve specializes in live-baiting techniques and with four billfish Grand Slams under his belt, he is always hunting for the magic Royal Grand Slam …. 5 billfish species, same day, same angler.

Steve is also credited with two Grander Blue Marlin, both tagged in the interest of billfish conservation.

Steve is an IGFA Certified Captain, a registered IGFA Weigh Station Master and is Tonga’s IGFA Representative.

All fish caught belongs to the angler … support tag and release for billfish conservation

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