Within a normal days fishing, you may experience the infamous South Bank area, sea mounts, off shore reefs and islands, numerous drop offs or the deep water FADs.

Tongan waters remain one of the few unexploited fisheries left in the world and the variety and consistency of fishing, offers the international angler an experience of a lifetime.

Capt. Steve simply loves to fish and will accommodate the type of fishing and species you wish to target. Whether it be light or heavy tackle you are covered so be prepared for long days …. 10 hours fishing time on the water every day!

Whilst we supply all standard tackle, feel free to bring your favorite lure, poppers or jigs
(for Fly fisherman… please bring your own saltwater fly fishing gear).

Come Fish... Reel Addiction... you will be in great company with the credentials to back it up.

Check out Capt. Steve's Monthly Fishing Report

We run Black Bart Lures!

10 minutes trolling from the lagoon and you are in 1000mts of water.

"Reel Addiction" leaving Hunga Lagoon for a days fishing.

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